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Alongside our premier videography offerings, we’re thrilled to present expert wedding photography services. We advocate solely for photographers whom we profoundly trust and who echo our commitment to excellence and outstanding customer care.

The congruence between videographer and photographer during your wedding is crucial. Lacking this harmony, they may inadvertently obstruct each other’s efforts. However, our collaborations with our endorsed photographer have consistently shown remarkable unity and teamwork.

We invite you to explore the portfolio and introduction of our photographer. Should his work resonate with you and spark a connection, please reach out to us without hesitation. We will meticulously manage every aspect of this partnership to guarantee you the finest memories of your significant occasion. Your confidence and contentment stand as our supreme aspirations.

Dénes Kocsor

European Wedding Photographer

I am Dénes Kocsor, a passionate 25-year-old wedding photographer from Vienna, Austria. My photography is characterized by elegance and timeless beauty. I offer more than just exceptional photos – I create a unique experience.

Your story is the focus of my work. My service is 100% personalized to meet your special wishes and needs. Whether I remain in the background or actively give directions, my goal is to create the best images for you.

Choose me as your wedding photographer, and you can relax, knowing your memories are in good hands.

I look forward to meeting you and capturing your love story!

Seize the spirit of your momentous day with our unparalleled photography and videography solutions – contact us today to bring your vision to life!

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Our comprehensive pricing structure and package options are designed to assist you in making the optimal choice for your celebration.

What You Can Expect When We Work Together

Choosing us to document your special day offers more than mere photography; it’s an immersive experience. Here’s what to anticipate when you collaborate with us:
Personalized Consultation and Thorough Preparation

Tailored Consultation and Meticulous Planning

Our journey together begins with a tailored consultation to acquaint ourselves, share ideas, and delve into the specifics of your wedding day.

This initial meeting is crucial for understanding your narrative, aesthetic preferences, and the ambiance you aspire to immortalize in your photographs. Our comprehensive planning approach ensures that the photography experience is custom-fitted to your vision, incorporating your desires and suggestions.

Additionally, we provide insights on venue selection, attire decisions, and crafting the day’s itinerary.

Innovative Concepts and Strategies for Flawless Imagery

Our role extends beyond photography; we are creative visionaries committed to infusing every photo with creativity and innovation. We continually seek fresh and captivating concepts for photography, be it in composition, the application of special effects, or the inventive employment of natural light and settings.

The uniqueness of your personal style and the day’s distinct atmosphere motivates us to produce photographs that genuinely represent your individuality. Our goal is to capture those moments that profoundly convey the core of your bond.

Creative Ideas and Solutions for Perfect Pictures
Flexible Approach and Problem-Solving Skills

Adaptable Methodology and Problem-Resolving Capabilities

Acknowledging the unpredictable nature of weddings, we pride ourselves on our adaptability and readiness to tackle any challenge head-on. Be it unforeseen weather patterns, technical dilemmas, or adjustments in the timeline, we always have a contingency plan.

Our adaptability and adept problem-solving skills guarantee a seamless and stress-free photo session, irrespective of the unforeseen events that may arise.

Utilizing Advanced Equipment and Techniques for Superior Image Quality

With our commitment to excellence, we employ advanced photographic gear and cutting-edge techniques to guarantee each photograph meets the highest standards of quality. Our arsenal includes top-tier cameras, lenses, and lighting gear, complemented by the latest in image processing software.

This technical prowess enables us to achieve impeccable imagery under any lighting condition, capturing the enchanting glow of a sunset or the cozy ambiance of an indoor celebration.

Professional Equipment and Techniques for High-Quality Images
Quick and Efficient Post-Processing for Prompt Delivery

Swift and Thorough Post-Production for Timely Delivery

Understanding your anticipation for the wedding photos, we prioritize swift and meticulous editing. During this phase, we focus intently on the nuances of each image to best encapsulate the essence of your special day. Our editing process meticulously enhances colors, lighting, and details to ensure the end product is nothing short of spectacular. Moreover, we ensure open lines of communication, keeping you informed of our progress and when you can expect to receive your cherished memories.

Direct Interaction and Ongoing Dialogue

From the outset of our partnership through to the final delivery of your images, we maintain open and consistent dialogue. Whether before the shoot, on the day of the event, or throughout the editing phase, we are at your disposal to address any queries or updates you may have. This level of personal engagement guarantees a sense of ease and trust, knowing the documentation of your significant day is in capable hands.
Personal Contact and Continuous Communication
As dedicated photographers, our goal is to capture every instant of your nuptials, crafting enduring memories that will last a lifetime. Your wedding represents not just a day, but an eternal legacy we are privileged to help preserve.

Experience the pinnacle of exceptional wedding narration – reach out to us to bring your dream vision to life!

Eternalize the magic of your wedding day through our creative photography and videography – contact us today to discover our offerings!

How We Can Work Together: In 5 Steps

When we embark on the journey of capturing your wedding, clarity and mutual understanding of the workflow are essential. Here’s a look into the five-step process we meticulously follow to guarantee a seamless and fulfilling partnership:
First Meeting and Consultation

Initial Consultation and Introduction

Our journey together begins with an introductory meeting and consultation, providing a platform for us to connect personally and delve into the intricacies of your wedding.

This stage is dedicated to comprehending your unique narrative as a couple, your aesthetic preferences, and your aspirations for the imagery.

Our aim is to grasp the essence of your celebration, including the pivotal people, memorable moments, and all aspects that hold significance to you.

This initial interaction is pivotal not only for logistical planning but also for fostering a foundation of trust and rapport, which is vital for a harmonious working relationship.

Formalizing the Agreement and Securing the Date

Upon aligning on the particulars, we proceed to draft a formal agreement, detailing the responsibilities and expectations of both parties. This contract serves as a mutual understanding, ensuring alignment on every facet of the photography service. Following the contract’s execution, we officially secure your wedding date in our schedule, dedicating our focus and resources to immortalize your day’s most cherished moments.
Contract Signing and Date Reservation
Preparations and Detailed Planning

In-Depth Preparation and Strategic Planning

As your wedding day draws near, we dive into meticulous preparations to ensure flawless execution.

This involves scouting the venue to acquaint ourselves with the lighting conditions, scenic backdrops, and optimal photography locations.

We then orchestrate a detailed agenda for the day, scheduling photo sessions across various settings and pinpointing key moments like the ceremony, reception, and group portraits.

This level of detailed planning is imperative to navigate the day effortlessly, alleviating any potential stress and optimizing every opportunity for capturing stunning photographs.

The Wedding Day: Capturing Your Moments

On the day of your wedding, our entire focus is dedicated to capturing those fleeting moments that form the essence of your memories. We make it a point to arrive at the venue ahead of time to set everything up. Our approach throughout the day is to blend in, capturing the major milestones as well as those minute, meaningful details in a non-intrusive manner. Our aim is not only to document the significant segments of your wedding but to also seize those candid, unscripted moments.
The Big Day: Photography
Post-Processing and Delivery of Photos

Photo Editing and Presentation

Once the celebrations have wound down, we embark on the photo editing process. This stage involves meticulous editing of the photographs, color correction, and selecting those moments that truly stand out.

This detailed process takes time, but it’s crucial in ensuring that each photograph is delivered to you in its finest form. Following the completion of this process, we organize your photos into an accessible online gallery for easy viewing and downloading.

Should you wish, we also offer our expertise in creating your ideal wedding album, providing a tangible collection of your day’s memories, not just in digital format but also as a beautifully crafted album.

These steps are designed to ensure a smooth, stress-free collaboration, resulting in a cherished collection of your wedding memories.

Capture the everlasting beauty of your special day with our photography – reach out to immortalize your love story!

frequently asked questions

On average, photography services on your wedding day can range from 6 to 12 hours, covering everything from the early preparations to the ceremony, reception, and all the key moments in between, tailored to how comprehensively you wish to document the day.
Processing and editing your wedding photos typically require 4-6 weeks. Our goal is to deliver your images swiftly without compromising on the quality of the final product.
We’re here to assist in selecting the perfect location for your photo session, offering suggestions that align with your tastes and the wedding’s theme, be it a serene natural landscape, a chic urban backdrop, or a place that holds special significance to you.
Our photography packages are comprehensive, featuring full-day coverage, pre-wedding engagement sessions, expert photo editing, digital and printed albums, among other offerings. Each package is flexible and can be tailored to meet your specific desires.
Our team is well-equipped to handle any weather scenario, offering backup plans and adaptable strategies to ensure that, regardless of the weather, the quality and beauty of your photographs remain unaffected.
Absolutely, our services extend to wedding videography, encompassing comprehensive coverage of your ceremony and reception, capturing those pivotal moments with professional editing to craft a memorable narrative.

It’s advisable to arrange a consultation with your photographer beforehand to iron out the specifics. Make sure you’ve chosen your outfits, finalized your makeup and hair, and practiced some poses to ensure you’re feeling confident and at ease during the session.

Our portfolio spans various photography styles, including classic, contemporary, documentary, and artistic. We pride ourselves on tailoring our approach to match the unique tastes and preferences of our clients.
Certainly, we offer both pre-wedding and post-wedding photo sessions, allowing couples to capture additional cherished moments at locations of their choice, separate from the wedding day.
We stand behind the quality of our work with a complete satisfaction guarantee. Should you find any aspect of the final photos less than satisfactory, we commit to unlimited revisions and adjustments until your vision is fully realized.
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