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Kévés Andor

Andor Kévés Destination Wedding Photographer


As a professionally trained photographer and creative artist, capturing breathtaking love stories, special human connections, and memorable moments truly fulfills me and brings immense joy. I’m restless and passionate. I work hard yet effortlessly, ensuring photo sessions are conducted in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. I love dance, music, and am energized by travel, adventure, wakeboarding, snowboarding, and any extreme sport!

Additionally, I am captivated by the wonders of nature. I adore the fleeting light, beautiful forms, and sincere couples who prioritize creating a magical experience on their wedding day. I also capture families, couples, groups, and corporate events, tailoring my services to meet the requests and expectations of my clients.

For many years, photography has been my sole focus. During this time, I have gained a wealth of experience in documenting beautiful weddings, exciting events, and dear moments around the world. I have worked in exotic locations, beyond the realms of imagination, and in the most picturesque landscapes of our country. I never miss the important details, obsessively seeking out genuine and spontaneous moments.

Choosing me ensures that your photo session will be effortlessly directed, showcasing authentic emotions and artistic expressions through a friendly approach.

Write to me, call, follow me on INSTAGRAM or Facebook. Let’s create something truly magical together, capturing the essence of your unique story through my lens. Whether it’s the intimacy of your wedding day, the joy of family gatherings, or the professionalism of corporate events, I’m dedicated to immortalizing these moments with creativity and passion. Your memories deserve to be captured in a way that reflects your personal style and emotions, and I’m here to ensure that happens. Reach out, and let’s embark on this artistic journey together.


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